Technology is often treated as a required ever-increasing investment, with few checks and balances in the pursuit of product differentiating innovation. At Truenorth, we approach all technology innovation projects from the perspective of immediate return on investment and cost containment. Routinely stretching the IT dollar to the max, Stable Point seeks to protect our client’s investment in more strategic technology implementation commonly reaching our client’s customer base.

Product Description

Technology plays a vital role in product differentiation, the attraction of attention of new clients, and the retainment of loyal customers. Yet, Technology is often a commoditized item, in the hands of multiple levels of intermediaries. Our methodology protects our clients from waste, excess, and inefficiency in technology, while stretching the current IT dollar to the max. Our in-depth technology expertise in multiple vendors, multiple platforms and core applications hard-earned over years of experience and study, allows us the judgement and capability few IT companies reach, all at the service of our clients. As an IBM Premier Business Partner and a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in multiple technologies, and highly certified to maintain these certifications, we place our accumulated knowledge and experience.

Value Proposition

Product Offering

Offerings: IT Infrastructure Virtualization
Offerings: Infrastructure Design
Offerings: IT Operations Streamlining
Offerings: Security

Offerings: Converge Infrastructure

Offerings: Managed Services

Offerings: Microsoft Architecture Consulting

Offerings: Converge Infrastructure
Offerings: Storage Management

Offerings: Data Archiving & Recovery

Offerings: Database Administration

Offerings: High Availability Solutions


Wiliam Román Partner CTO
Wiliam Román

Partner CTO

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