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As we begin the process of opening our offices and serving our clients in their facilities, we wish to inform our clients and associates on the policies, trainings and actions we have put in place to do our part to protect our employees, our clients and the people we serve.

  1. Until instructed by the appropriate authorities, we remain in a lockdown and our offices will remain closed.  Our staff have been instructed to work remotely from their homes, using the technology we have provided for them to serve our clients and collaborate amongst ourselves as a team, in the service of our client’s objectives and the people of Puerto Rico.
  2. Whenever possible, to mitigate the risk of contagion, we will continue to work remotely from our homes. We have requested that our personnel continue the social distancing and disinfecting practices recommended by the CDC while at their homes during this period and beyond.
  3. As the lockdown eases, and our clients require us to work in their facilities.  We will assess their needs, on a client by client basis and provide support in a safe and socially distant manner following the recommendations of the Government of Puerto Rico and the CDC.
  4. As we open our office, the following measures have been taken:

    1. We have instructed all office-based personnel to work from their homes as much as possible and limit the visits to the office to a minimum.
    2. We have reinforced our applications and launched new ones to allow our employees to work remotely, thereby minimizing contact, and the possibility of the spread of contagion.
    3. We have instituted measures to disinfect our office daily, and high-risk transmission areas more than daily.
    4. We have restricted the concurrent attendance in our office to a minimum, and while at our office, we are increasing awareness of social distancing measures to eliminate social gatherings and provide for ample distancing of working employees.
    5. We will provide masks and hand disinfectant for our employees working in our office and we have imparted instructions on their use.
    6. We will remain vigilant to any development and react in a responsible and timely manner to any situation.

  5. The following measure have been taken for our employees and contractors working at our client’s locations

    1. We will follow the client’s instructions on attendance, social distancing and contagion prevention at their facilities and in the field while serving them.
    2. We will encourage our personnel to wear masks and gloves daily and we will coordinate to provide these masks and gloves.
    3. We will encourage our personnel to use hand sanitizer, wash their hands and other similar contagion reducing measures.  Hand sanitizer is also in short supply, and we will work to keep this available as needed.
    4. We will encourage our personnel to observe the same social distancing recommendations and guidelines of the CDC, and the Government of Puerto Rico.
    5. We have instructed our employees and contractors to report any situation which violates social distancing and safe working practices immediately to their supervisors, and in turn, the supervisors must escalate this situation to management immediately for us to deal with the situation and minimize the risk of contagion, in the service of the people of Puerto Rico.

We lead change. Truenorth is doing our part to lead the way out of this situation, and to return us to high production, high morale and success in the service of the stakeholders, clients and the people of Puerto Rico.

Laura Reyes Malpica
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